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After years of successful applications in the European market the Metall-FXTM line of products is being launched in North America through MakeItMetal Ltd’s St.Catharines, Ontario based office. MakeItMetal Ltd. distributes the Metall-FX product line to finishing companies and manufacturers. This provides you the ability to apply this unique product in-house. MakeitMetal also provides education and training in our fully equipped manufacturing and training facility. An addition to our distribution services MakeItMetal can provide a solution to any of your Metall-FXTM coating needs through our own manufacturing facility! MakeItMetal Ltd. is able to work with the imagination of its customers to create an array of metal finishes. We apply a real metal veneer coating to the surface of any item which gives the appearance and feel of solid metal. Please contact us to change your ideas into metal.



Levey Industries

A national distributor with sales reps across Canada, Levey Industries joins us in delivering our living metals bespoke process and custom services to architects and designers everywhere. From the offices and plant in Southern Ontario, Levey and MakeItMetal are working together to ensure your custom product vision in unique metal finishes comes to life exactly per specification. To achieve this precision, Levey sales consultants offer technical advise, product sampling and closely monitored specification guidance.

"Levey is focused on offering our clients a new tool. Only 6 mil. of real metal surface coating is required to achieve the same effect as the full cast metal bodies of the past, with a fraction of the natural resources and direct costs" explains Silvana Levey, C.E.O., Levey Industries.



  • Levey Industries
  • 2150 Winston Park Drive
  • Oakville, Ontario
  • L6H 5V1
  • Canada
  • Local: 905-829-8000
  • Toll free: 1-800-588-3990
  • Fax: 905-829-8292
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