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Company Info

After years of successful applications in the European market the Metall-FXTM line of products is being launched in North America through MakeItMetal Ltd’s St.Catharines, Ontario based office. MakeItMetal Ltd. distributes the Metall-FX product line to finishing companies and manufacturers. This provides you the ability to apply this unique product in-house. MakeitMetal also provides education and training in our fully equipped manufacturing and training facility. An addition to our distribution services MakeItMetal can provide a solution to any of your Metall-FXTM coating needs through our own manufacturing facility! MakeItMetal Ltd. is able to work with the imagination of its customers to create an array of metal finishes. We apply a real metal veneer coating to the surface of any item which gives the appearance and feel of solid metal. Please contact us to change your ideas into metal.